Download Cisco IOU L2 L3 Images

Most complete IOU image collection

How to setup Cisco IOU in GNS3

Learn how to emulate Cisco devices in GNS3 using IOU images.

Cisco Labs in GNS3

Practice labs for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE.

Packet Captures

Download and see what's inside of packets.


Find out very useful software tool for network engineers.

Practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals


Practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals Direct Link Download

8 h | Video: AVC (.MP4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch | 2.05GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn SDN and OpenFlow practically using switches, multiple controllers, SDN apps, Wireshark and more. Download OVAs.

What are the requirements?

Basic networking knowledge

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 202 lectures and 8 hours of content!
Learn about all SDN tiers - applications, controllers and switches
* Applications - Wireshark, Bash scripts, FlowMaker, HP Network Protector, HP Network Visualizer
* Controllers - Learn OpenDaylight (ODL), ONOS, RYU and the HP VAN SDN Controllers.
* OpenFlow Infrastructure - Mininet switches (Open vSwitch)
What is the target audience?

Anyone interested in learning about SDN and OpenFlow

Cisco ASA 9 with IOS 15

Cisco ASA 9 for GNS3

Cisco Books

Cisco.Press.CCDA Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.3rd.Ed.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.Designing.for.Cisco.Internetwork.Solutions.DESGN.Exam.640.863.2nd.Ed.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.CCDA.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.Designing.for.Cisco.Internetwork.Solutions.2nd.Ed.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCDA.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.Two.pdf 93 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.2.pdf 93 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Self.Study.CCIE.Practical.Studies.Volume.II.pdf 20 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Practical.Studies.Volume.II.pdf 20 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.And.Switching.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.3nd.Ed.pdf 19 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Security.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 16 MB
Cisco Press CCIE Security Exam Certification.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.Troubleshooting.IP.Routing.Protocols.CCIE.Professional.Development.pdf 15 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Troubleshooting.IP.Routing.Protocols.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Practical.Studies.Volume.I.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Self.Study.CCIE.Practical.Studies.Volume.I.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.I.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.I.CCIE.Professional.Development.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.One.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Security.Practice.Labs.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Troubleshooting.Remote.Access.Networks.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Security.Exam.Certification.Guide.V2.0.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.and.Switching.Certification.Guide.pdf 10 MB
Cisco Press - CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.and.Switching.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Self.Study.CCIE.Security.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Routing.And.Switching.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.2nd.Ed.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.II.CCIE.Professional.Development.pdf 9 MB
Cisco Press CCIE Professional Development - Cisco LAN Switching.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.OSPF.Command.and.Configuration.Handbook.CCIE.Professional.Development.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Preparing.For.The.CCIE.Routing.and.Switching.Lab.2.1.Student.Guide.1.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Advanced.MPLS.Design.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Large.Scale.IP.Network.Solutions.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Routing.and.Switching.Exam.Certification.Guide.2nd.Ed.pdf 4 MB
Cisco Press CCIE Professional Development - Advanced IP Network Design.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.CCIE.Professional.Development.Inside.Cisco.IOS.Software.Architecture.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.BGP.4.Command.and.Configuration.Handbook.CCIE.Professional.Development_.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Implementing.MPLS.Student.Guide.v2.0.pdf 14 MB
Cisco Press CCIP MPLS and VPN Architectures.pdf 9 MB
Cisco Press - Cisco ISP Essentials.pdf 2 MB
Cisco Press - Datacenter Design and Implementation.pdf 738 KB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 2 Routers And Routing Basics v3.1-1.1.rar 45 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 2 Routers And Routing Basics v3.1.1.rar 45 MB
CCNA 640-802 Study Guide, 6th Edition 2007.pdf 39 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 1 Networking Basics v3.1-1.1.rar 39 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 1 Networking Basics v3.1.1.rar 39 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 3 Switching Basic And Intermediate Routing v3.1-1.1.rar 31 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 3 Switching Basic And Intermediate Routing v3.1.1.rar 31 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 4 Wan Technologies V3.1-1.1.rar 26 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNA Semester 4 Wan Technologies V3.1.1.rar 26 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.640.607.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.ICND.Certification.Guide.pdf 13 MB
Cisco Press CCNA ICND 2004.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.INTRO.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 11 MB
Cisco_CCNA_Exam_#640-507_Certification_Guide.pdf 7 MB
Dan's Free Cisco CCNA CCDA Study Guide (2007).pdf 6 MB
CCNA 640-802 Portable Command Guide, 2nd Edition 2008.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.Portable.Command.Guide.2nd.Ed.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.Security.640.553.IINS.Official.Exam.Cert.Guide.pdf 32 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.Security.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.Exam.640.553.pdf 14 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.Voice.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.640.460.pdf 25 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNA.Wireless.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.IUWNE.640.721.pdf 19 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.640.503.Routing.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 8 MB
Cisco Press - Cisco CCNP Routing Exam Certification Guide - 640-503.pdf 8 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Multilayer Switching = [BCMSN] 642-811 Version 4-1.0.rar 21 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Multilayer Switching = [BCMSN] 642-811 Version 4.0.rar 21 MB
Cisco.Press.BCMSN.2.1.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.BCMSN.2-1.1.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCMSN.Self.Study.1st.Ed.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCMSN.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.4th.Ed.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Self.Study.BCMSN.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.642.812.4th.Ed.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.BCMSN.Official.Exam.642.812.Certification.Guide.4th-1.Ed.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.BCMSN.Official.Exam.642.812.Certification.Guide.4th.Ed.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCMSN.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.642.812.4th.Ed.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol.2.eBook-DDU.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol.2-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol-1.2.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol-1.1.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol.1-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Building.Cisco.Multilayer.Switched.Networks.BCMSN.Student.Guide.V3.0.Vol.1.eBook-DDU.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCMSN.Portable.Command.Guide.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCMSN.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 2 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Remote Acces = [BCRAN] 642-821 Version 3-1.1.rar 29 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Remote Acces = [BCRAN] 642-821 Version 3.1.rar 29 MB
Cisco.Press.BCRAN.2.1.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.BCRAN.2-1.1.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Practical.Studies.Remote.Access.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.CCNP.Remote.Access.Exam.Certification.Guide.640.505.pdf 8 MB
Cisco Press - Cisco CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide - 640-505.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BCRAN.Self.Study.2nd.Ed.pdf 8 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Advanced Routing = [BSCI] 642-801 Version 3-1.1.rar 26 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Advanced Routing = [BSCI] 642-801 Version 3.1.rar 26 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BSCI.Self.Study.3rd.Ed.pdf 15 MB
CCNP BSCI Quick Reference Sheets_ Exam 642-901.pdf 11 MB
CCNP BSCI 642-901, 4th Edition 2008.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol-1.1.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.1-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.1.eBook-DDU.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.1.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BSCI.v5.Student.Lab.Manual.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.2.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol-1.2.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.2-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Building.Scalable.Cisco.Internetworks.BSCI.Student.Guide.v3.0.vol.2.eBook-DDU.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Building.Scalable.Internetworks.BSCI.642.901.v5.0.Student.Lab.Manual.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BSCI.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.BSCI.Portable.Command.Guide.pdf 2 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Network Troubleshooting = [CIT] 642-831 Version 4-1.0.rar 18 MB
Cisco Networking Academy Program - CCNP Network Troubleshooting = [CIT] 642-831 Version 4.0.rar 18 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.CIT.Self.Study.2nd.Ed.pdf 6 MB

Cisco.Press.CCNP.ISCW.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 35 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.ISCW.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 18 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol1.eBook-DDU.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol1.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol1-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0-1.Vol1.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.ISCW.Portable.Command.Guide.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0-1.Vol2.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol2.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol2.eBook-DDU.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Implementing.Secure.Converged.Wide.Area.Networks.ISCW.Student.Guide.v1.0.Vol2-1.eBook-DDU.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.ONT.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Optimizing.Converged.Cisco.Networks.ONT.Student.Guide.v1.0.vol.1.eBook-DDU.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Optimizing.Converged.Cisco.Networks.ONT.Student.Guide.v1.0.vol.1.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Optimizing.Converged.Cisco.Networks.ONT.Student.Guide.v1.0.vol.2.eBook-DDU.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Optimizing.Converged.Cisco.Networks.ONT.Student.Guide.v1.0.vol.2.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.ONT.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.ONT.Quick.Reference.Sheets.642.845.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Quick.Reference.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Quick.Reference.Jun.2008.pdf 3 MB
Cisco Press - Implementing Cisco IP Routing FLG.pdf 11 MB
CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide.pdf 6 MB
CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Quick Reference.pdf 1 MB
qtm-cp3c.bin 48 MB
qtm-cp3a.bin 37 MB
qtm-cp3b.bin 34 MB
qtm-cp3d.bin 31 MB
quantum.nfo 12 KB
qtm-cp3a.cue 74 B
qtm-cp3d.cue 74 B
qtm-cp3b.cue 74 B
qtm-cp3c.cue 74 B
CCNP_SWITCH_642-813_Official_Certification_Guide.pdf 4 MB
CCNP_TSHOOT_642-832_Official_Certification_Guide.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Practical.Studies.Troubleshooting.pdf 19 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Routing.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Support.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Switching.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Practical.Studies.Routing.pdf 3 MB
CCNP 1-4 v5.0 Glossary, 2006 Edition.pdf 739 KB
Cisco.Press.CCNP.Routing.Exam.Certification.Guide.Appendix.pdf 508 KB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.Cisco.Secure.VPN.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 17 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.IPS.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 15 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.642.502.SNRS.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 14 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.SNRS.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 14 MB
Cisco Press CCSP Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced Exam Certification Guide EBook.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.SNPA.Official.Exam.Certification.Guide.3rd.Ed.pdf 9 MB
CCSP Secure Exam Certification Guide.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.SECUR.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 9 MB
Cisco Press CCSP CSI Exam Cert Guide.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.642.541.CSI.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.CSI.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.SNPA.Exam.Certification.Guide.3rd.Ed.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.CCSP.SNRS.Quick.Reference.Sheets.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.Interconnecting.Cisco.Network.Devices.Part.1.ICND1.2nd.Ed.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Interconnecting.Cisco.Network.Devices.Part.2.ICND2.3rd.Ed.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.Global.IPv6.Strategies.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Lan.Switching.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.LAN.Switching.1st.Ed.pdf 8 MB
Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook, Second Edition.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Mpls.And.Vpn.Architectures.Volume-1.II.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.MPLS.and.VPN.Architectures.Volume.II.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.Advanced.MPLS.Design.and.Implementation.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.Traffic.Engineering.with.MPLS.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.MPLS.Implementing.Cisco.MPLS.v.2.1.Vol.1.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.MPLS.and.Next.Generation.Networks.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.MPLS.Fundamentals.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.MPLS.Implementing.Cisco.MPLS.v.2.1.Vol.2.pdf 4 MB
Designing ATM MPLS Networks.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.Top.Down.Network.Design.2nd.Ed.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetwork.Design.Guide.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Campus.Network.Design.Fundamentals.pdf 4 MB
Network Design.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.DQOS.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.DQOS.Exam.Certification.Guide.pdf 12 MB 8 MB
Cisco Press - Cisco IOS Quality Of Service Implementation.PDF 388 KB
Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers ver3.1 Student Guide vol 1.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.The.Definitive.BGP.Resource.Internet.Routing.Architectures.2nd.Edition.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Configuring.BGP.StudentGuide.v.3.2.Vol.2.pdf 4 MB
Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers ver3.1 Student Guide vol 2.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.Configuring.BGP.StudentGuide.v.3.2.Vol.1.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.Advanced.BGP.and.Troubleshooting.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.BGP.Commands.pdf 768 KB
Cisco.Press.Advanced.IP.EIGRP.Troubleshooting.pdf 921 KB
Cisco.Press.IP.Enhanced.EIGRP.Commands.pdf 260 KB
Cisco.Press.IGRP.Commands.pdf 43 KB
Cisco.Press.OSPF.Network.Design.Solutions.2nd.Ed.pdf 15 MB
Cisco.OSPF.Design.Rv.1.1.pdf 463 KB
Cisco.Press.OSPF.Commands.pdf 462 KB 56 MB
Cisco.Press.Self.Defending.Networks.The.Next.Generation.of.Network.Security.pdf 63 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Router.Firewall.Security.pdf 62 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Enforcing.Host.Security.with.Clean.Access.pdf 37 MB
Cisco.Press.The.Complete.Cisco.VPN.Configuration.Guide.pdf 34 MB
Cisco.Press.Advanced.Host.Intrusion.Prevention.with.CSA.pdf 25 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Nac.Appliance.pdf 22 MB
Cisco.Press.NAC.Appliance.Enforcing.Host.Security.with.Clean.Access.pdf 22 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Secure.Virtual.Private.Networks.Ver.4.7.Full.NFW.D.pdf 21 MB
Cisco.Press.Security.Monitoring.with.Cisco.Security.MARS.pdf 19 MB 17 MB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Student.Guide.Ver.2.1.Vol.1.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Student.Guide.Ver.2.1.Vol-1.1.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Access.Control.Security.AAA.Administration.Services.pdf 15 MB 12 MB
Cisco.Press.SSL.Remote.Access.VPNs.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.Network.Security.Architectures.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Security.Appliance.Command.Line.Configuration.Guide.For.the.Cisco.ASA.5500.Series.and.Cisco.PIX.500.Series.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Security.Appliance.Command.Line.Configuration.Guide.For.the.Cisco.ASA.5500.Series.and.Cisco.PIX.500.Series.pdf 12 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Network.Admission.Control.Volume.II.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Network.Admission.Control.Volume.2.NAC.Deployment.and.Troubleshooting.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.Network.Security.pdf 11 MB
Cisco.Press.SNPA.v.4.0.Vol.1.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.ASA.PIX.and.FWSM.Handbook.2nd.Ed.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.ASA.PIX.and.FWSM.Handbook.2nd.Edition.Aug.2007.pdf 9 MB
Cisco.Securing.Hosts.Using.Cisco.Security.Agent.HIPS.Student.Guide.V2.0.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Press.Designing.VPN.Security.V1.0.pdf 8 MB
Cisco.Designing.VPN.Security.pdf 8 MB
Cisco Press - User Guide for Cisco Secure ACS.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.SNRS.StudentGuide.v2.0.Vol.1.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.User.Guide.for.Cisco.Security.MARS.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Secure.Internet.Security.Solutions.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.SCND.StudentGuide.v.2.0.Vol.1.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.SCND.StudentGuide.v.2.0.Vol.2.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.SNRS.StudentGuide.v2.0.Vol.2.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Designing.Perimeter.Security.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Router.Security.Strategies.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Firewall.Fundamentals.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.CSPFA.Cisco.Secure.PIX.Firewall.Advanced.Student.Guide.v1.01.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.LAN.Switch.Security.pdf 3 MB
LAN Switch Security.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Secure.Firewall.Services.Module.FWSM.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.SNRS.LabGuide.v2.0.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Designing.Network.Security.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Student.Guide.Ver.2.1.Vol-1.2.pdf 771 KB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Student.Guide.Ver.2.1.Vol.2.pdf 771 KB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Lab.Guide.Ver.2-1.1.pdf 716 KB
Cisco.Press.CANAC.Implementing.Cisco.NAC.Appliance.Lab.Guide.Ver.2.1.pdf 716 KB
Cisco.Press.Configuring.IPSec.Between.PIX.and.Cisco.VPN.Client.Using.Smartcard.Certificates.pdf 644 KB
Cisco Press - Access VPNs and Tunneling Technologies.pdf 569 KB
Intrusion Detection Planning Guide.pdf 199 KB
Cisco.Press.Troubleshooting.Remote.Access.Networks.pdf 10 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetwork.Troubleshooting.Guide.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Routing.TCP.IP. Volume.2.pdf 93 MB
Cisco.Press.IT.Essentials.PC.Hardware.and.Software.Companion.Guide.3rd.Ed.pdf 29 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetworking.Technologies.Handbook.Fourth.Edition.pdf 22 MB
Cisco Network Professional's Advanced Internetworking Guide, 2009 Edition.pdf 18 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Networking.Simplified.2nd.Ed.pdf 16 MB
Cisco.Press.IT.Essentials.PC.Hardware.and.Software.Labs.and.Study.Guide.3rd.Ed.pdf 13 MB
Cisco.Press.Routing.TCP.IP. Volume.1.pdf 12 MB
Cisco Press Network Consultants Handbook.pdf 8 MB
TCPIP Primer Plus.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Catalyst.2950.Desktop.Switch.Software.Configuration.Guide.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Network.Management.Fundamentals.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Metro.Ethernet.pdf 5 MB
Cisco Press - Internet Routing Architectures 2nd Ed.pdf 5 MB
Cisco Press Internet Routing Architectures 2nd.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetworking.Technology.Overview.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Internet.Routing.Architectures.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetworking.Terms.and.Acronyms.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.Inside.Cisco.IOS.Software.Architecture.pdf 4 MB
Cisco.Press.iExec.Enterprise.Essentials.Companion.Guide.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Express.Forwarding.pdf 3 MB
Cisco.Press.IP.Routing.Fundamentals.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.AVVID.Network.Infrastructure.Enterprise.Wireless.LAN.Deisgn.pdf 2 MB
CISCO AS5x00 Study Guide.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Internetworking.Troubleshooting.Handbook.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.Advanced.Optical.Technology.Concepts.pdf 1 MB
Internetworking Case Studies.pdf 1 MB
Cisco.Press.IP.Services.Commands.pdf 666 KB
Cisco Press - Cisco IOS Reference Guide.PDF 442 KB
Enabling Enterprise Miltihoming with Cisco IOS Network Address Translation (NAT).pdf 412 KB
SNA over FrameRelay.pdf 148 KB
Cisco.Press.SNA.Over.FrameRelay.pdf 148 KB
Cisco IP Telephony - Course.pdf 23 MB
Cisco IP Telephony - Course-1.pdf 23 MB
Cisco Press - IP Telephony Unveiled(2004).pdf 22 MB
Cisco.Voice.Student.Handbook.v1.0.pdf 17 MB
Cisco.Press.Implementing.Cisco.Unified.Communications.Manager.Part.1.CIPT1.pdf 15 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.Voice.over.IP.CVOICE.3rd.Ed.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Unified.Communications.System.Engineer.UCSE.Student.Guide.V1.3.pdf 7 MB
Cisco.Press.2000.Voice.over.IP.Fundamentals.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Fax.Modem.and.Text.for.IP.Telephony.pdf 6 MB
Cisco.Press.Voice.over.IP.Fundamentals.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.IP.Telephony.Network.Design.Guide.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Voice.and.Video.Conferencing.Fundamentals.pdf 5 MB
Cisco.Press.Telecommunications.Technologies.Reference.pdf 5 MB
Cisco Packetized Voice And Data Integration.pdf 2 MB
Cisco IP Telephony - Student Lab Manual v1.0.pdf 2 MB
Cisco IP Telephony - Student Lab Manual v1-1.0.pdf 2 MB
Cisco.Press.Cisco.IP.Telephony.Volume.1.CIPT1.Student.Guide.V4.1.pdf 1 MB
Cisco IP Telephony - Glossary-1.pdf 372 KB
Cisco IP Telephony - Glossary.pdf 372 KB
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Packet Tracer 7.0

Packet Tracer කියන්නේ CCNA හදාරන අය වෙනුවෙන් Cisco සමාගම විසින් ලබාදෙන Network Simulator එකක්. 2016 ජූලි මාසේ වෙනකොට තියන අලුත්ම version එක Packet Tracer 7. අවශ්‍ය කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවා නම් පහල link එකෙන් download කරගන්න.

Cisco IOU L2 L3 lab with GNS3 | Switching in GNS3

මේ පෝස්ට් එකෙන් කියන්න හදන්නේ Cisco IOS on Unix එහෙමත් නැතිනම් Cisco IOU භාවිතා කරමින් කොහොමද GNS3 තුලදී Cisco routers සහ switches emulate කරන්නේ කියන එක ගැන.

මුලින්ම සඳහන් කරන්නම් Cisco IOU භාවිතා කිරීමේ වාසි කිහිපයක් ගැන.

  • Cisco IOU භාවිතයෙන් GNS3 තුලදී Cisco switch emulate කිරීමේ හැකියාව පවතිනවා. Cisco switch එකක ඇති සියලුම පහසුකම් ලබා ගත හැකි අයුරින් switch එකක් emulate කල හැකි එකම අකාරය Cisco IOU භාවිතා කිරීම වේ.
  • Cisco IOU භාවිතයෙන් සාමාන්‍ය පරිදි GNS3 තුල ධාවනය කල හැකි device ගණනට වඩා වැඩි ගණනක් ධාවනය කල හැකි වීම.

වාසි වලට අමතරව Cisco IOU භාවිතා කිරීමේදී ඇති අවාසි කිහිපයක්ද ඇත. විශේෂයෙන්ම මෙහිදී emulate කරන device බලාපොරොත්තු නොවන ආකාරයට ක්‍රියාත්මකවීමට ඉඩ ඇත. මෙයට හේතුව Cisco IOU තුල ඇති bugs වේ. ඊට අමතරව මෙම Cisco IOU භාවිතා කල හැක්කේ Cisco සමාගමේ අවසරලත් අයට පමණයි.

Cisco IOU GNS3 තුල ස්ථාපනය කිරීමට පහත දැක්වෙන files download කරගත යුතුය.

  • GNS3 1.3.0 - ඔබ දැනට තිබෙන අලුත්ම GNS3 version එකක් භාවිතා කරන කෙනෙක් නම් එම version එක ඉවත් කර මෙය install කරගත යුතු වෙනවා. එසේ නොමැති වුවහොත් virtual gns3 server version එක සමඟ අලුත් version එක නොගැලපීම හේතුවෙන් IOU ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමට නොහැකි වනු ඇත.
  • VirtualBox 4.3.12 - virtual gns3 server ක්‍රියාත්මක කරවීමට VirtualBox software එක අවශ්‍ය වේ. මෙහිද අලුත් version එකක් ඔබ install කරගෙන ඇත්නම් එය භාවිතා කල හැක. නමුත් කිසියම් ගැටළුවක් ඇති වුවහොත් මෙම version එක install කරගැනීමට සිදුවේ.
  • IOU Images ( L2 / L3 ) - කලින් සඳහන් කල පරිදි මේවා ලබාගත හැක්කේ Cisco සමාගමෙන් අවසරලත් අයට පමණයි. නමුත් google හි සෙවීමෙන් හෝ torrent මගින් සොයා download කරගත හැක. මේවා Layer 2 ( Switch emulate කිරීම සඳහා ) සහ Layer 3 ( Router emulate කිරීම සඳහා ) වශයෙන් වර්ග දෙකක් ඇති බැවින් ඔබට මෙම වර්ග දෙකම අවශ්‍ය වනු ඇත. 
  • GNS3 IOU VM - මෙය download කරගෙන virtual host එකක් ලෙසට VirtualBox තුලට ඇතුලත් කරගත යුතුය. 
  • IOURC - IOU Images ධාවනය කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය license file එක මෙය වේ. 

ඉහත file සියල්ල download කරගත් පසු IOU ස්ථාපනය කරගැනීමට පහත පියවර අනුගමනය කරන්න.

  • මුලින්ම GNS3 සහ VirtualBox install කරගන්න. 
  • දෙවනුව VirtualBox open කරගෙන එහි File > Import වෙත ගොස් ඔබ download කරගත් GNS3 IOU VM file එක තෝරා එය VirtualBox තුලට ඇතුලත් කරගන්න. 
  • එසේ ඇතුලත් කරගත් Virtual Machine එකෙහි network settings පහත දැක්වෙන පරිදි සකසන්න.
  • දැන් Virtual Machine එක start කර එයට log විය යුතුය. Log වීමේදී username එක root ලෙසත් password එක cisco ලෙසත් භාවිතා කරන්න. Log වීමෙන් පසු එහි IP address එක හරියටම දැනගත යුතු වෙනවා. ඒ සඳහා ifconfig ලෙස type කර enter කරන්න. එවිට virtual host එකට අදාළ IP එක දැකගත හැකිවනු ඇත. 
  • මීළඟට ඔබ භාවිතා කරන web browser එක open කරගෙන එහි address bar එක තුල ලෙස type කර enter කරන්න. මෙහි යනු virtual host එකෙහි IP address එක වේ. එවිට ලැබෙන වෙබ් පිටුව තුලින් ඔබ සතුව ඇති L2, L3 images සහ IOURC license file එක upload කල යුතුය. Upload කිරීමෙන් පසු පහතින් ලැබෙන ඒ ඒ file එකට අදාළ path එක සටහන් කරගන්න. මන්දයත් පසුව එම path එක GNS3 තුලට ඇතුලත් කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය වේ.
  • මීළඟට GNS3 තුල සැකසුම් සකස් කල යුතුය. GNS3 open කරගෙන එහි Edit > Preference වෙත යන්න. Preference window එකෙහි වම්පස ඇති server මත click කරන්න. එවිට එම window එකෙහි දකුණු පස Local Server සහ Remote Server ලෙස tab දෙකක් දකින්නට ලැබෙනවා. මුලින්ම Remote Server tab එකට ගිහින් host කියන තැනට virtual host එකේ IP එක ලබාදෙන්න ඕනි. මෙහිදී නම් වේ. Port එක 8000 ලෙස සඳහන් කල යුතුය. අනතුරුව Local Server tab එක වෙත ගොස් එහි ඇති Host Bindings menu එකෙන් virtual host එකෙහි IP එක තෝරා දිය යුතුය. 
  • මීළඟ පියවර වන්නේ IOURC license file එක GNS3 තුලට ඇතුලත් කිරීමයි. ඒ සඳහා preference window එකෙහි වම්පස ඇති menu එකෙහි IOS on UNIX මත click කර එහි ඇති path to IOURC වෙතට download කරගත් IOURC file එක ඇති location එක ලබාදෙන්න. එමෙන්ම පසුව කිසියම් හේතුවක් නිසා එතැනින් IOURC license file එක ඉවත් කළහොත් GNS3 IOU ක්‍රියාත්මක නොවනු ඇත. 
  • අවසාන වශයෙන් Routers සඳහා L3 image එක තිබෙන path එකත් Switches සඳහා L2 images එක තිබෙන path එකත් ලබාදිය යුතුය. ඒ සඳහා preference window එකෙහි වම් පස ඇති IOU devices මත click කරන්න. දැන් එහි පහලින් ඇති New button එක click කර ලැබෙන window එකෙහි server type එක ලෙස Remote තෝරා Next කරන්න. එවිට ලැබෙන message window එක ok කරන්න. 
  • මීළඟට ලැබෙන window එකෙන් ඔබ ඇතුලත් කරගැනීමට යන device එක සඳහා නමක් ලබා දී එය තිබෙන path එක ලබා දී එය Layer 2 ද එසේත් නැතිනම් Layer 3 ද තේරිය යුතුය. Switch emulate කිරීමට Layer 2 device එකකුත් Router emulate කිරීම සඳහා Layer 3 device එකකුත් ඇතුලත් කර ගත යුතුය. අවසානයේ Finish click කරන්න. 
ඉහත පියවරයන් අවසානයේ ඔබට Cisco IOU භාවිතයෙන් Cisco Switches සහ Routers emulate කිරීමේ හැකියාව ලැබෙනවා. ඔබ GNS3 තුල IOU භාවිතා කරන සෑම විටම virtual host එක ක්‍රියාත්මක වෙමින් තිබීම අනිවාර්යය වේ. 

How to emulate a Cisco Switch in GNS3

GNS3 තුලදී තවමත් switch emulate කිරීමේ හැකියාවක් නැහැ. එයට හේතුව තමා switch විසින් packet forward කිරීමේදී ASICs ( Application Specific Integrated Circuits ) නැමැති hardware කොටස් උපයෝගී කරගනු ලබනවා. මෙම ASICs මෘදුකාංග භාවිතයෙන් emulate අපහසු කටයුත්තක් මෙන්ම ASICs processor පිලිබඳ ප්‍රමාණවත් තොරතුරු නොමැති කම නිසාත් GNS3 තුලදී switch emulate කිරීම කල නොහැකි ලෙස සලකනවා. නමුත් Spanning Tree, VTP, Etherchannel, VLAN වැනි පහසුම් GNS3 තුලදී අපිට යොදාගැනීමේ හැකියාව තිබෙනවා. එසේ කල හැකිවූවත් භාවිතා වන command වල සුළු වෙනස්කම් පවතී.

GNS3 තුලට cisco switch එකක් ඇතුලත් කරගැනීම සඳහා මුලින්ම එයට ගැලපෙන IOS image එකක් සොයා ගත යුතුය. ඉන් පසුව GNS3 open කරගෙන එහි Edit > Preferences > IOS router > New වෙත ගොස් සොයාගත් IOS image එක GNS3 තුලට ඇතුලත් කර next click කරන්න. මීළඟට switch එක සඳහා ඔබට අවශ්‍ය නමක් ලබා දී පහලින් ඇති This is an EthernetSwitch router යන්නට ඉදිරියෙන් හරි ලකුණක් දමා මීළඟ window එකේදී switch එක සඳහා වෙන් කලයුතු RAM ප්‍රමාණය ලබාදී next කරන්න. 

මීළඟට switch එකෙහි slot 1 සඳහා NM-16ESW module එකක් ඇතුලත් කරගන්න. මීළඟ ලැබෙන window වල කිසිඳු වෙනස්කමක් නොකර අවසානයේ finish click කර preference window එකේ apply > ok click කරන්න. අවසාන වශයෙන් router එකක මෙන්ම ඇතුලත් කරගත් switch එක සඳහාද Idle PC අගය ලබාදෙන්න.